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Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha Cigar created more than a century ago, was reborn in 1989.

The company has continuously rolled out meticulously handcrafted cigars, epitomizing all that is luxury. In 1989, Kaizad Hansotia decided to resurrect a cigar brand rich in tradition and steeped in legend and history. Gurkha cigars were created more than a century ago and were known for their meticulously and artisanal handcrafted cigars, but when Hansotia revived the brand, there was no way he could have known that the cigar industry was about to experience a boom and he would have the perfect product to attract the new cigar consumer. In realizing that there were no super premium cigars, he created the association with elegance for which the cigars have become known. In reviving Gurkha, Hansotia created cigars that were not a necessity but rather a luxury and an indulgence.

Today, Gurkha makes a cigar for all price points and all palates, but when it began, Gurkha cigars were unlike other cigars on the market. They also came in highly ornate packaging and with a steep price tag. Hansotia felt that there was a market for more luxurious and exclusive cigars for those with tastes for only the finer and more elusive products. In focusing on this segment, Hansotia created the ultra-premium cigar category.

“Gurkha currently has over 105 brands but is still considered a boutique cigar manufacturer”

Gurkha has several brands that cater to every premium cigar smoker, including the very elite. For many Gurkha cigars are seen as a status symbol and are synonymous with sumptuousness and exclusivity. However, a beautifully handcrafted and aromatic cigar can be enjoyed by anyone and embodies the pleasure and enjoyment of all good things found in life. For centuries, cigars have been associated with enjoyment and a celebratory lifestyle: smoking a cigar is nothing short of a memorable experience.


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